Japan’s family holiday haven Niseko welcomes the summer solstice in the best possible way through festivals centred around the great weather and long days of sunlight.


Emi Shiratori

Come summertime, popular family holiday destination Hokkaido warms up to offer travellers new ways to enjoy the lush nature the prefecture is blessed with. From June to September, the famous ski resort Niseko Village trades snow for emerald waves of grass, breathtaking floral beds and clear rivers. Soaking in an onsen to the soothing hymn of cicadas, hiking up Picturesque Mount Yotei and indulging in some of the world’s best seafood are essential bucket list items during your summer stay here.

The island’s allure in summer is sweetened by the plethora of Japanese matsuri (festivals), which intersperse the long summer days with exciting highlights. During the summer, Niseko Village gears up for an outdoor celebration with the Niko Niko Niseko Village Festival. Families staying at the Hilton Niseko Village and The Green Leaf Niseko Village can take a short walk to enjoy the festivities, with delicious offerings from local food vendors, games and crafts for kids, as well as live performances by local musicians.

In A Festive Mood
In A Festive Mood

Balmy afternoons also set the stage for the Niseko Yoga Festival, a three-day event led by yogis to celebrate nature and yoga. Stretch and unwind outdoors with the majestic Mount Yotei in full view, and let the cool breeze and sounds of summer soothe the mind. The Niseko Summer Art Festival is also slated to make its return in the first week of August.

Enjoy the appetising aroma of yakisoba (fried noodles) wafting through the air.

Expect Japanese artists, both established names and rising stars, to put on a grand show of a range of visual arts. No summer vacation in Japan is complete without a stunning display of hanabi (fireworks) and the annual Niseko Town Tanabata Fireworks Festival will feature a grand spectacle with over 1,500 fireworks. Don your yukata (summer kimono), buy the family a round of soft serve and enjoy the appetising aroma of yakisoba (fried noodles) wafting through the air.

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