Experience Niseko's world class road cycling at comfort with our e-Bikes. With a power assist of up to 25km and suitable for any level of cyclist, head out on your own leisurely adventure, or choose a guided tour arranged and tailor-made with our partner Bike Tours Japan. A variety of sights and experiences await you from nearby sights such as Niseko Kaributo Shrine, Mountain View Plaza, Milk Kobo to the slightly further Goshiki Onsen, and Hangetsu Lake.
  • Higashiyama Hana no Oka

    higashiyama hana no oka

    Located on Milk Kobo grounds, admire spectacular views over the Niseko basin towards Mount Yotei when flowers are in full bloom and rolls of hay are at the field. Try freshly baked treats or ice cream made from fresh local milk at Milk Kobo.

  • Nishiyama no Oka

    nishiyama no oka

    Located at the right side of Route 66 en route to Annupuri after crossing the large yellow Niseko Bridge. Get a shot of Niseko's most famous landmark Mount Yotei with vast farmland foreground scenery that constantly changes.

  • Thousand Cherry Trees

    thousand cherry trees

    A thousand sakura trees were planted at Miyayama hill, close to the literary museum dedicated to Takeo Arishima, the famous writer so inseparably connected to Niseko.

  • Twin Cherry Trees

    twin cherry trees

    Niseko's most famous photographed spot of two old cherry trees and the majestic Mount Yotei as a backdrop. View these trees from the access road to avoid damaging crops as the trees are on private farmland.

  • kirakaido


    The main street of Niseko town is designed with wide cobbled footpaths and colourful flowerbeds that change yearly to encourage strollers during summer. Tables and chairs line the footpaths for a place to take a breather or to enjoy a chat.

  • Niseko Ostrich Farm

    niseko ostrich farm

    Birds on this farm roam around a paddock with spectacular views towards Mount Yotei and Hilton Niseko Village. Stop by and feed them with packets of seed found in the giant letterbox on the farm by leaving a small donation. You might even see the farmer collecting a massive freshly laid egg with some weighing up to 1.5kg! The eggs are blown and painted to make for a great souvenir.

  • Niseko Station

    niseko station

    Architecturally reminiscent of a Tudor-style house, much of its charm lies in its seasonal decorations and Café Sabou Nupuri within. The Matsudas, proprietors of the homely café, led a local culinary revolution by founding a cooking group called Jugobaa (meaning 'fifteen old ladies') to study the traditional Japanese art of cooking using local produce without preservatives and has gained international recognition for their efforts.

  • Natural Springs

    natural springs

    Niseko's water is among the purest in Japan originating from Mount Yotei's base that acts like a giant water filter through its underground layers with an astonishing 530,000 tonnes gushing out of springs daily. A famous spot to collect your own fresh spring water is at Kanro Spring in Sakamoto Park, Niseko Town. Surrounded by woods, the spring water is prized by locals who use it for making beverages and cooking.

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