A wide range of flora flourishes in Niseko and best way to see many of the delicate and rare alpine plants is to take a walk or hike. The flowering season may vary due to weather conditions but try to spot some wildflower species.
  • Marsh Marigold

    marsh marigold

    Apr - Jun

    This herbaceous perennial plant from the buttercup family grows by rivers and mountain runoffs. It is a kind of mountain vegetable commonly known as yachibuki among the locals.

  • Japanese Wood Poppy

    japanese wood poppy

    May - Jun

    A perennial plant of the glaucidium family that bears large, pale purple flowers measuring between 7 - 8cm. It is endemic to Japan, of single family, genus and species.

  • Snake Berry

    snake berry

    May - Aug

    Resembles strawberry plants but the flowers are yellow rather than the white of the true strawberry plant. The fruit is a mass of red seeds and ripens into a small bloated fruit.

  • Viola brevistipulata var. Laciniata

    viola brevistipulata var. laciniata

    May - Jul

    A perennial plant from the violet family, it is characterised by the large slits on its leaves and grows on the forest floor and meadows.

  • Rhododendron Albrechtii

    rhododendron albrechtii

    May - Jun

    A deciduous broad leaved tree of the heather family that bears bunches of 2 - 6 bright reddish-purple flowers at its branch tips, before turning into verticillate leaves soon after.

  • Aleutian Avens

    aleutian avens


    A deciduous shrub from the rose family found by alpine wetlands, marshes and ponds. Its Japanese name is chinguruma as its seed formation resembles a toy used to soothe babies.

  • Iris Setosa

    iris setosa


    This perennial plant from the iris family grows on marshy ground in sub-alpine and alpine zones. It bears bluish-purple flowers that bloom and wither in a day.

  • Helianthus


    Jun - Oct

    These tall annuals, commonly known as sunflowers, can be found on vast fields next to Milk Kobo with Mount Yotei and Mount Niseko Annupuri at the background.

  • Black Crowberry

    black crowberry

    May - Aug

    A low-growing evergreen shrub is native to cool regions and has tiny leaves, small pinkish or purplish flowers and black, berrylike fruits.

  • Moss Phlox

    moss phlox

    May - Jun

    The perennial family of plants called polemoniaceae is mostly known by the vibrantly pink flowers of the moss phlox species that bloom in a dazzling fashion in Japan.

  • Dog's Tooth Violet

    dog's tooth violet

    Apr - May

    This perennial plant has long bulbs and pendant flowers in cream, yellow, pink or mauve shades. Locals call it katakuri and starch from the bulb is used for food and other purposes.

  • Potato Flowers

    potato flowers

    Jun - Jul

    As the symbol of early summer in Niseko, potato flowers are lovely pink or white flowers that complement the stunning view of Mount Yotei.

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