Hokkaido's reputation as Japan's breadbasket is well deserved; not forgetting the ocean delights its bountiful seas and wonderful produce its fertile lands serve up. Green season heralds a host of fresh harvests with farmers' markets exploding in riotous colours. From luscious crabs to creamy dairy and silky tofu, get a taste of what Niseko is serving up.
  • Asparagus


    May - Jun

    Spring symbolises the start of the season when asparagus shoots awaken from under the blanket of snow and grow quickly, resulting in tender, juicy and flavourful stalks.

  • Melon


    Jul - Oct

    One of Niseko's prized crops, the melon is carefully raised by hand, rotated and checked on a regular basis before being delivered to markets at the perfect ripened stage.

  • Sweet Corn

    sweet corn

    Aug - Oct

    Pearl corn is incredibly sweet and boasts whitish, pearl-like kernels that may be eaten raw or steamed. Locals love to roast it lightly with butter and soy.

  • Potato



    Local varieties like Danshaku and Kita Akari are delicious in traditional or Western-style dishes or look out for udon potato noodles and try local potato shochu.

  • Pumpkin


    Aug - Dec

    Another crop that flourishes well in Niseko, the rainfall and temperature during growing season helps to concentrate the natural sugar level of the pumpkins.

  • Rice


    from Oct

    Hokkaido, the nation's rice bowl, grows rice crops using ducks for pest control with farmers registered under the government's YES clean scheme that limits use of chemical pesticides.

  • Beans


    Aug - Sep

    The bean season sees a large variety ranging from soy beans, red beans, black beans and kidney beans to name a few. The popular edamame tastes different when freshly picked!

  • Lily Bulb

    lily bulb


    A traditional delicacy with the best varieties from Hokkaido, its growth season takes 4-5 years. Properly cultivated bulbs are pure white in colour, uniform in size and quality.

  • Wild Wonderland

    wild wonderland

    from May

    A secret summer activity is foraging with locals, as Niseko is a wild edible vegetation wonderland ranging from strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and mulberries to a variety of mountain vegetables, including mushrooms. Caution and safety must be adhered to.

  • Dairy



    Hokkaido produces about half the country's milk. For confection and treats, visit Milk Kobo minutes from Niseko Village; its must-try is the delectable cream puffs baked fresh daily.

  • Cheese



    This quaint cheese shop called Niseko Fromage nearby Niseko Village has been quietly garnering accolades. Try the artisanal cheeses, oven-toasted crisps or soft ice creams.

  • Tofu



    Freshly made with the purity of natural spring water from the foot of Mount Yotei, the tofu is delicious prepared simply or when turned into noodles, tofu skins, drinks or even 'tonuts'!

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